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Angel Eagles brings food out to people rejected by a local homeless shelter.


URGENT NOTICE!!!   When we find someone saying he wishes

people he disagrees with would STARVE  -  we Tell The World!

When we find them rolling into Ottawa under a banner of  'social action'  then raiding a homeless shelter kitchen, taking away their food and allegedly assaulting a homeless man - all while their 'truck convoy' is sitting on a 'GoFundMe' pile of cash worth $10M -  WE SHOUT TO THE RAFTERS:




Amazing how is previously happy 'stars' morph into angry red swearing emojis, after his activity was exposed....        






Please excuse the language - This is what happens when somebody curses people to starve around us.  We can't stand idly by without taking a stand, speaking out!


Remember, this is the guy, the prawn, who said he'd like to see people STARVE! Who supported truckers that tried to shut down a city, raided a homeless shelter kitchen and took their food, while pretending they didn't have a GoFundMe account with 10M dollars ready to take care of them!

Maybe he's never really been hungry. Maybe he just doesn't care. 

Either way, we know what makes a prawn tick. We know what a prawn is desperately hoping to hide. Play stupid games - win stupid prizes!












And now, back to our regularly-scheduled, Angel Eagles content!


Angel Eagles has been helping hungry and homeless people with food, clothing, blankets and other essentials since 2008!


Angel Eagles HERO Mugs Available Soon!

(they'll also come in Black/Red lettering)

(Proceeds go towards future Angel Eagles food runs)

With Your help we make meals, pack them in bags and deliver them to people who desperately need food!

Your Gifts help people Face-to-Face

We absorb the overhead costs so your donations go DIRECTLY to the people in need, exactly as you intended!


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